Dance master photo coming soon - Roller SkatesDistorted music, shell suit (unzipped) , inane ranting, long hair and dancing and roller skating. Who is he and why does he do it?

For a while now we have debated as to the motivation of the now labeled “dance master”, we first saw him a while ago sporting a full shell suit, roller skating along Hove seafront turning heads as he carried a speaker blasting out incredibly heavily distorted music.

He then sat on a bench by the small cafe, placed the speaker next to him on the bench and unzipped his shell suit top to reveal his pasty chest. After sitting facing the sun for a good 30 minutes he got to his feet/rollerskates and proceeded with what could be called the greatest or possibly worst dance performance you have ever seen. In a hypnotic trance he dances, shell suit top now off the shoulders.

He seems to be there everyday, same time, same routine. Watching him yesterday his face and chest looked incredibly red, we assumed it was sunburn from all the pre-dance, bench-sitting sun worship. After sightings of dance master walking down the street looking like a pretty normal well groomed guy we all started to think he was of sound mind and not a result of heavy drug abuse, just a man who liked to keep in shape through rollerskating dance. But after a closer inspection a couple of days ago dance master could be heard angrily talking to himself and it was again witnessed yesterday. Was he just disappointed his routine was not as tight as usual?