7/10 A girl next to me at the bar tentatively asked if it was okay just to have drink, “of course! This is a tropical pub!” the bar man replied.

Bali Brasserie, Restaurant, Hove

At the end of First Avenue hidden away in the bottom of a 1960s block of flats sits The Bali Brasserie, Restaurant and Tropical Pub. After one previous attempt to experience the kitchness of a cushioned bar we cautiously walked the corridor expecting the “Tropical Pub” to be completely empty… View Map

As we got nearer music and chatter could be heard and was a welcome relief as we walked in to find the Bali Brasserie full of people dressed up in their finery. It felt like we had entered into a time warp.

Bali Brasserie, Tropical Pub and Restaurant, Hove

Whats a tropical pub? I here you say. Well it was quite warm in there, a bit like the tropics, full of punters dressed up like they were on holiday with deep suntans. The seating consisted of bamboo table and chairs and cushioned booth seats plus a pool table. Most of which were taken up by the entertainment, a guitarist singing over prerecorded backing tracks of classics such as sultans of swing. The bar man seemed very friendly, i’d very much like him to remember my name.

We didn’t try the food, we’re saving that for a special occasion (at £6.95 for 2 courses it looks like a pretty good deal) but tasted a couple of pints of Carling and thoroughly enjoyed the entertainment. A round of a pint of Carling and vodka and diet coke cost £5.75, not cheap but head and shoulders above Hove Place.

Price: 6/10

Atmosphere: 8/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

Bali Brasserie
Kingsway Court, First Avenue
Kingsway, Hove. BN3 2LR
Tel: 01273 324572
Open: 12-2, 6.30-10.30 (11.00 Fri, Sat)