The Great Eastern

8.5/10 The Great Eastern feels like a real pub… view map



Dance master photo coming soon - Roller SkatesDistorted music, shell suit (unzipped) , inane ranting, long hair and dancing and roller skating. Who is he and why does he do it?

For a while now we have debated as to the motivation of the now labeled “dance master”, we first saw him a while ago sporting a full shell suit, roller skating along Hove seafront turning heads as he carried a speaker blasting out incredibly heavily distorted music. (more…)

The-Bell-Hove6/10 The first few times I went in the Bell my main impression was how smokey it was… View Map


The Neptune, Hove8/10 The Neptune is a fantastic traditional real old fashioned pub, serving a good selection of ale’s and reputedly the best pint of Harvey’s in Hove.

This is what a pub should be like, not an ounce of chrome in sight and certainly not conforming to the trendy bars of Brighton, The Neptune has individuality and a whole lot of character… View Map


7/10 A girl next to me at the bar tentatively asked if it was okay just to have drink, “of course! This is a tropical pub!” the bar man replied.

Bali Brasserie, Restaurant, Hove

At the end of First Avenue hidden away in the bottom of a 1960s block of flats sits The Bali Brasserie, Restaurant and Tropical Pub. After one previous attempt to experience the kitchness of a cushioned bar we cautiously walked the corridor expecting the “Tropical Pub” to be completely empty… View Map